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Speech recognition technology enables private and public sector organisations to measurably improve their productivity, delivering tangible cost, time and resource-savings

The power of voice

Voice Technologies successfully deploys speech recognition technology in law firms, hospitals and surgeries where significant benefits are being seen:

Why choose Voice Technologies?

Making speech work for you

If users don’t like using a speech recognition system, they simply won’t use it. That’s why we build speech recognition into the applications you know, and it's why we integrate intelligent automation at every step, enabling you to create and electronically send documents to other systems quickly and easily.

Our solutions combine automatic speech recognition and voice commands. Customisation is key so we ensure that audio input can be verified against a dictionary of terms most commonly used in your specialism.

Get in touch to find out how we can make speech work for you Get in touch to find out how we can make speech work for you


Voice Technologies’ document workflow application, WinVoicePro, is speech recognition enabled. Using WinVoicePro, users capture data, populate e-forms and use voice commands to speed up the process of creating letters and other documents.

Learn more about WinVoicePro Learn more about WinVoicePro