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Posted on April 20, 2017

Urgent deadlines are met with ease using priority-profiling at law firm Wallace Quinn


To reduce the turnaround time for document production while fee-earners work off-site. 


Introducing new dictation recorders and document processing software to maximise the firm’s billable time.


“The simplicity of an urgent file appearing, instantaneously, at the top of a secretary’s list for priority processing combined with the ability to work productivity off-site has certainly improved the levels of service that we can provide to clients.”
Mark McBride, Wallace Quinn


Glasgow-based Wallace Quinn is a traditional law firm with modern practices and a strong reputation within Glaswegian communities as a provider of quality service and prestige level of care to clients. Wallace Quinn’s office set-up encompassed the typical clerical practices of document production to accommodate the large quantity of typed correspondence generated on a daily basis.

The need to work remotely without compromising efficiency led the firm to reconsider its digital dictation system. Fee-earning staff needed a way of remaining productive while working offsite. The ability to route dictated files back to the office for transcription was also becoming crucial in order to fulfil clients’ needs and remain profitable.

Achieving efficiency using dictation recorders and document processing software 

Voice Technologies recommended a full deployment of new dictation recorders and document processing software from digital innovator, Olympus. The Olympus RecMic, an advanced line of desktop audio recording devices with direct USB PC connection and optimised microphone for recording clarity, allowed fee-earners to record memos and reports directly into their PC while instantaneously assigning profiling details (such as priority and encryption levels) and maintaining a maximum level of audio quality.

Benefits for off-site staff

For solicitors working from home, travelling or at a client’s site, Voice Technologies recommended the Olympus iPhone app – a fully automated voice-to-processed document application that encompasses all the elements of digital recording and the innovative ergonomics of a Smartphone with the added advantage of being location-agnostic. This technological breakthrough needs only a telephone connection to create, edit and process dictations for transcription without the need to dock the device to a PC. It enables a completely remote workflow solution and maximises the firm’s billable time.

Benefits for secretarial staff

To fulfil the firm’s administrative requirements, Voice Technologies introduced new secretarial software that streamlines the transcription process. The Olympus AS-7000 provides a familiar Windows-like interface for notified receipt and easy handling of new, pending and archived jobs with shared work folders. Also, each dictated file hosts a clear profile with options to highlight and flag precedent tasks – 
a feature that is important to the firm to ensure that urgent jobs are automatically routed to the top of the secretary’s list for fast processing.

Voice Technologies provided expert installation, training and technical connectivity to ensure the author-to-secretary routing process could be implemented between Wallace Quinn’s two sites.