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Posted on November 16, 2020

SpeechLive gives Tod & Mitchell solicitors flexibility for remote working


To give the firm’s solicitors the flexibility to record and manage dictation files without using tapes.


Introducing Philips SpeechLive made the firm’s dictation system more flexible and accessible.


  • Correspondence is produced faster than before
  • Dictations can be recorded and reviewed anywhere on any device
  • Typists can log in anywhere via their browser to type dictations.
“Moving to digital dictation has transformed the way we work and Voice Technologies helped us every step of the way. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
Linzi Galbraith, Criminal Defence Paralegal and Office Manager


Tod & Mitchell is firm of solicitors based in Paisley, near Glasgow. Specialising in criminal defence, the team is known for their professional approach and high percentage of case wins.

The firm’s solicitors used an analogue dictation process that involved recording dictations onto tapes which were then handed-over to secretaries for transcription. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the inefficiency of this system, placing further restrictions on preparing dictations and transporting tapes.

Cloud-based efficiency

Voice Technologies provided a Philips SpeechLive solution which is cloud-based (no software required), enabling the firm’s solicitors to log in to their SpeechLive account, dictate and manage dictation files remotely. The team can record and access their dictations via their web browser on any device.

The system enables a completely remote workflow solution, allowing solicitors to dictate from court or any other location and send dictated files to the transcriptionist immediately.

No time is lost in generating documents as typists can access, playback and transcribe recordings from anywhere. Dictation files can be assigned a status so the typists can prioritise accordingly.

Security built-in

The firm deals with highly confidential documents so security was paramount when selecting a system. SpeechLive guarantees the highest levels of file protection to keep confidential data safe from unauthorised access.

SpeechLive features:

  • Automatic backup to protect data against accidental loss
  • Storage of recordings in the cloud, safe from computer crashes, loss of internet connection or accidental deletion of dictation files from a device
  • Double encryption by using highly secure and industry standard HTTPS protocol
  • Always up-to-date security certificates.