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Posted on February 08, 2021

SpeechLive cloud-based dictation solution gives Legal Services Agency the flexibility and accessibility to work remotely


To enable the team to record and manage dictation files within their offices or remotely.


Introducing cloud-based Philips SpeechLive made the organisation’s dictation system more flexible and accessible.


  • Dictations can be recorded and reviewed anywhere via a mobile app
  • Typists can log in anywhere via their browser to type dictations
  • Working from home and other remote locations becomes more efficient.
“The swap over from the old digital dictation system to a new one went smoothly for the entire team with exceptional support received from Voice Technologies throughout the process.”
Aaliya Seyal, Chief Executive Officer, LSA


Legal Services Agency (LSA) is a charity and law centre with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Greenock. Providing advice and representation in courts and tribunals across Scotland, LSA generates a large quantity of typed correspondence on a daily basis and needed to enhance the efficiency of its digital dictation system, particularly for remote working.

LSA’s existing digital dictation solution only partly supported remote working. They wanted to consider a fully cloud-based dictation system to align with their overall digital developments.

Cloud-based efficiency

Voice Technologies provided a Philips SpeechLive solution which is fully cloud-based (no software required), enabling LSA’s 14 solicitors to log in to their SpeechLive account, dictate and manage dictation files remotely using a smartphone app.

No time is lost in generating documents as a team of 8 secretaries can access, playback and transcribe recordings from anywhere. Dictation files can be assigned a status so the secretaries can prioritise accordingly.

The simplicity of the system has allowed LSA to change over to Philips SpeechLive quickly and efficiently. Philips SpeechLive accounts were created in advance so end users only had to download the app and accept an invitation sent out by Voice Technologies. After that, users were able to use the app and Voice Technologies removed LSA’s pre-existing digital dictation software without any issues.

Philips SpeechLive now works seamlessly with the organisation’s other IT systems and has allowed LSA to easily support remote working, increase productively and levels of staff satisfaction.