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Posted on January 27, 2021

Speech recognition proves transformational for GPs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic


To improve documentation turnaround time and manage an increasing workload with fewer resources.


Dragon Medical One speech recognition software; SpeechMike Premium Touch Dictation Microphones; advice, installation, training and support.


“Since being inundated with patients’ coronavirus enquiries and anxieties, voice recognition has been a godsend for speeding up consultation notes recording.”
Susan Dempster, Practice Manager, Mount Pleasant Medical Practice


Mount Pleasant Medical Practice in Greenock, Scotland, provides General Practitioner (GP) services to over 6,700 patients under Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board. The team comprises six doctors and support staff.

When a member of the secretarial team retired, the Practice was keen to look at how technology could help them avoid the remaining resources becoming over-burdened and the turnaround time for patient correspondence slowing down. The Practice’s document processes were already time-consuming and the doctors and support staff frequently found themselves carrying out admin tasks outside working hours. The extra demands caused by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need to tackle outdated work processes.

The practice wanted a local supplier to implement a technology-driven solution and chose Voice Technologies as a result of our proven track record of implementing speech recognition systems in GP practices.

The solution

Specialist software
Our experts installed Nuance’s secure, cloud-based speech recognition software, Dragon Medical One (DMO).

The software converts spoken words into text which is either inserted into a document or accepted as a voice command. As well as containing medical terminology, DMO allows the Practice staff to create documents inside Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and EMIS allowing them to capture and document patient data quickly.

DMO typically achieves 99% dictation accuracy, speech recognition is three to five times faster that typing, and dictations do not need to be sent for transcription or returned for verification. For Mount Pleasant Practice the software has improved productivity to the point where the team has credited it with enabling them to spend more time with patients.

Speech recognition has brought improvements that have not only resulted in financial and resource savings, they have boosted morale at the Practice during the COVID-19 pandemic when its team is under an exceptionally high level of pressure.

State-of-the-art hardware
To further improve voice-to-text efficiency, we supplied SpeechMike Premium Touch Dictation Microphones from Philips. These best-in-class handheld digital microphones have features specifically designed for the healthcare sector such as a free floating, decoupled microphone for precise recording, antimicrobial housing and buttons and a trackball for integrated mouse function.

Our project team installed the hardware and software, provided full training and we also provide ongoing support to ensure the system continues to run smoothly.