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Posted on March 01, 2018

Smart move from analogue to digital dictation for MacArthur Legal


To replace obsolete analogue dictation with an up-to-date digital system that simplifies and speeds up the document creation process. 


Industry-leading digital and mobile technology transforms document workflow efficiency.


  • Authors can send dictations securely either in the office or on the move
  • Secretaries receive clear dictations that are easier to transcribe
  • The streamlined workflow improves productivity.
“With our existing relationship with Voice Technologies, I felt confident that it was time to upgrade from analogue to digital dictation with them… so far the decision was a smart one.”
Alexander Murray, Solicitor, MacArthur Legal, Oban


MacArthur Legal provides legal, property and licensing services to private clients and small businesses. It serves clients across Argyll including the Inner Hebrides. The firm employs six members of staff – two solicitors and four secretaries.

Until 2017, MacArthur Legal used an analogue dictation process that involved the solicitors recording dictations onto tapes which they handed-over to secretaries for transcription. 

The analogue system was inefficient and was fast becoming obsolete so the decision was made to upgrade.

The firm had previously worked with Voice Technologies and had confidence in the expertise and practical support we offer. 

Streamlining the workflow 

Voice Technologies designed a system that fits the firm’s need for dictations to be made remotely as well as in the office, and then sent securely to secretaries to be typed up without delay.

The system, launched in October 2017, comprises Olympus hardware and software which was selected to fulfil the firm’s requirements for ease-of-use and guaranteed future support.

Olympus DR2200 RecMics are professional desktop dictation microphones that feature intuitive push button operation and a low-noise directional microphone engineered to deliver high audio quality for dictation. Background noise is reduced, a windscreen reduces breath noise and shock absorbers reduce friction noise. These features result in clear, accurate recordings enabling secretaries to type dictations without reverting to the solicitor for clarification.

The Olympus AS7000 transcription kit – headset, footswitch and professional transcription software – speeds up transcription and clearly shows which dictations are urgent, allowing the firm’s secretaries to prioritise documents.

Using the Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) and the Olympus Dictation App, the firm’s authors can easily record dictations on their smartphones and send them into the system workflow, avoiding the delays that were previously caused by having to hand over tapes.

Our project team installed the hardware and software on-site and provided full training so that everyone was confident in using the new system.