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Posted on March 12, 2020

FormStream e-form integration with signature pad improves efficiency in oncology department


To update the existing solution for recording patient consent.


Using a FormStream e-form and a USB signature pad to create a simple digital process.


  • Patient signature captured electronically within a FormStream e-form.
  • Completed e-forms are transferred to the electronic patient record.
  • Faster communications to patients.
“This simple digital approach to recording patient consent has made an excellent and efficient addition to our care pathway and I look forward to extending its use with other electronic forms.”
Fiona Campbell, Macmillan Consultant Nurse SACT / Oncology


Patient consent is an important process within the NHS. This typically involves a clinician holding discussions with a patient covering a proposed treatment and offering advice on the potential benefits, drawbacks and risks of proceeding.

Raigmore Hospital, located in Inverness, Scotland, serves patients from the local area as well providing specialist services to patients from across the Highland area. The oncology department recorded patient consent via forms, which a clinician would complete, and electronic pens, which allowed the patient to sign to give their consent.

As the contract for the electronic pen solution was about to expire, Voice Technologies was approached to provide an alternative solution which included our web-based e-forms (electronic forms) application, FormStream.

Integration with FormStream

FormStream, is already deployed within NHS Highland and has all the necessary links to the Board’s existing systems. Developed by Voice Technologies in collaboration with the NHS, FormStream replaces the paper forms commonly used for information capture. Data entered into FormStream forms are saved, processed and uploaded to a patient’s record in one move so it is shared instantly.

Following development work, a solution was developed to allow FormStream to integrate with USB signature pads. This allowed the patient to sign a signature pad with a stylus, and have their signature captured electronically within a FormStream form.

After a successful pilot period, the live version of the system has seen the completion of nearly 600 patient consent forms. All completed forms are automatically transferred to the electronic patient record and can, if required, be sent to the patients GP via the national EDT system. The solution will also be launched in other NHS Highland hospitals and departments across several different form types.