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Posted on February 24, 2017

Electronic correspondence connects NHS Tayside to savings of over £270,000 a year


To cut the cost of clinical correspondence and, where possible, remove it altogether.


Using WinVoicePro to generate, edit, approve and distribute documents electronically.


  • Significant cost saving of £0.63 per document.
  • Elimination of paper copies.
  • Speed and accuracy gained from seamless interfaces with existing IT systems.
“…The digital dictation system… has brought a real benefit to the working practices within the department and to the service we… provide to our patients…”
Anne Colville, Admin & Clerical Line Manager, NHS Tayside


NHS Tayside provides healthcare services for the City of Dundee, Angus, and Perth and Kinross areas of Scotland and employs approximately 14,000 people.

Voice Technologies’ digital dictation system, WinScribe, had been implemented by the Board in 2008 and proved successful in improving efficiency. The Board wanted to build on this success by looking for ways to further cut the cost of clinical correspondence and, where possible, remove it altogether. It was important for any new system to interface smoothly with the Board’s existing systems, particularly in terms of sharing documents securely with the Board’s 69 GP practices. 

Greater efficiency leads to significant savings 

Voice Technologies recommended its document workflow application, WinVoicePro, which provides customised templates for staff to generate, edit, approve and distribute documents electronically, avoiding the need for paper copies.

WinVoicePro reduces the risk of patient misidentification through compatibility with the Community Health Index, the national unique patient identifier. This ensures patient details are automatically verified according to their identification code.

To guarantee a secure and reliable workflow process, we collaborated closely with NHS Tayside to integrate WinVoicePro with their existing systems.

We worked with DocMan creator PCTI to integrate WinVoicePro with NHS Tayside’s EDT service. Now, documents that have been approved by clinicians can be routed directly to GPs. DocMan ensures the secure delivery of patient details and removes the need for GPs to scan and shred paper copies. Instead, documents are automatically stored within the local GP’s DocMan system under the corresponding specialty.

We also enlisted IT specialists Microtech Support to install and configure WinVoicePro at NHS Tayside’s hospitals and GP practices.
Since introducing WinVoicePro, administrative efficiency has improved significantly. In 2014 the Board calculated that it saved £0.63 per document through a reduction in printing and distribution costs. With the Board sending an average of 432,500 documents electronically per annum, the saving to NHS Tayside is over £270,000 every year, excluding the saving in associated staff costs.