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Posted on February 24, 2017

Digital dictation reduces overheads and improves efficiency for Lindsays Solicitors


To eliminate the delays and inefficiencies associated with an analogue dictation system. 


Introducing digital dictation offers flexibility for office and mobile working.


“Fixed and mobile digital dictation systems from Voice Technologies have helped us reduce our overhead as well as significantly improving productivity, efficiency and security.”
Iain Beattie, Chief Operating Officer


Lindsays’ 200 employees provide legal services to individuals and businesses worldwide from five offices in Scotland. The firm was established in 1815 and its longevity is in no small part due to its ability to adapt while remaining committed to qualities that remain unchanged over its 200-year history; listening to clients, being flexible and approachable, and providing excellent service.

In order to generate client correspondence, Lindsays’ 100 authors previously used an analogue system. After dictating onto tape, they would hand tapes over to the 40-strong secretarial team for transcription. Authors did not have the option of mobile working so there was a tendency to wait until a side of tape was full before handing it over. This practice frequently caused delays and inefficiencies, particularly when a dictation in the middle of a tape required urgent attention. Tapes could sometimes break or be misplaced, causing further delays and incurring the additional cost of repeated dictations. Finally, there was also potential for confidential information to fall into the wrong hands.

When Lindsays was planning to upgrade its IT equipment, its management decided to improve the data capture and transcription process at the same time. The company chose Voice Technologies to supply the new system because they wanted to work with a local supplier that not only offered the necessary technical know-how, but could also demonstrate experience in implementing scalable solutions.

Digital dictation reduces overheads 

Voice Technologies assessed the current workflow and identified the need for an up-to-date system that would improve efficiency. 

We supplied and helped to implement a digital dictation system, WinScribe. It gives Lindsays authors a choice of two digital dictation methods. The first uses Philips SpeechMike fixed dictation devices connected to PCs with USB cables, together with Olympus transcription equipment, foot pedals and headsets. 

The second method uses WinScribe mobile dictation on smartphones. Authors can dictate directly onto their smartphone and send files for transcription via wifi, 3G or 4G. The ability to dictate and send files on the move has proved particularly popular with the firm’s authors. It enables them to use their time efficiently and to send time-sensitive dictations to the secretarial team instantly so that urgent documents are issued without delay.

Both dictation methods deliver significant benefits:

Introducing WinScribe has not only allowed Lindsays to improve efficiency and productivity, it has also enabled the company to restructure its secretarial team, resulting in a reduction in overhead costs.