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Posted on February 24, 2017

Average correspondence time reduced by 55-days at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


To reduce the turnaround time for correspondence and to alleviate the administrative burden.


Using digital dictation and letter production systems to generate correspondence rapidly and securely from any location.


  • Reduction in the average correspondence turnaround time from 56-days to 1-day.
  • Secure distribution of correspondence to patients and their health care providers.
  • High level of accuracy from automated links between letter templates and patient records.
“...impressive results with turnaround times for important patient care correspondence reducing from a 56-day average, to a 1-day average…”
Katherine Sowden
Acting Head of Business Change, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Barnsley Hospital is a leading UK Trust, caring for more than 60,000 in patients, facilitating over 260,000 clinic appointments, and providing emergency help for almost 80,000 people every year. The hospital generates large volumes of time sensitive clinical correspondence and its analogue administration systems were struggling to cope with growing demands. The result was an average turnaround time of 56-days to generate and send important clinical-related patient correspondence.

The hospital had two objectives: to reduce the turnaround time and to alleviate the growing administrative demands placed on clinical and secretarial staff. 

Efficiency achieved with innovative systems 

Voice Technologies was asked to evaluate the existing analogue system and propose a digital replacement. Following a successful pilot, we rolled-out our proven and highly effective digital dictation system, Winscribe, and document workflow application, WinVoicePro, across Barnsley Hospital’s 24 clinical departments. The roll-out involved 318 clinical staff and 131 specialist medical secretaries.

Winscribe allows clinicians to digitally dictate and edit patient notes. The notes are instantly and securely forwarded to secretarial staff for formatting, sign-off and onward distribution to patients and health care providers.

WinVoicePro contains customised letter templates with automated links to Barnsley’s Patient Administration system. The links significantly reduce the time taken to draft and distribute patient correspondence and have the added advantage of accuracy in terms of patient demographic information.

The system can be accessed remotely, allowing clinicians to work on patient correspondence from any location within the Trust. It features easy editing and review functions resulting in a significant reduction of 55 days in the time taken to generate patient correspondence.