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FormStream is a web-based application that has been designed to remove the need for paper forms which are commonly used for information capture within the NHS. It was designed for any application where there is a requirement for point-of-care of consultation data entry and onward forwarding of the information. This includes the process of creating, editing, saving, revisiting, verification and onward distribution of a partially or fully completed form to a list of recipients based on its contents and intended usage.

FormStream Diagram

Designed within the healthcare market, FormStream was created to capture data for one NHS Board who required electronic forms for community workers to gather, amend and share patient information during and after appointments. Research found that standard word processor forms had a series of timely stages of printing, copying and verification in order for it to be uploaded to a patient’s record. This was proved to be a labour and time-intensive process and consequently identified the need for a system overhaul.

FormStream enables the creation of a new document for a specific patient which is as simple as filling in a regular webpage style form – resulting in users being able to tab through questions and options with their keyboard or easily select fields and questions with a touch screen device. When a form is completed; it can be saved for later use, then revisited by the clinical team and amended as required. The application removes the need for paper copies, so there is no documentation that can be damaged, lost or misinterpreted and distribution can be implemented with just one-click of a button.


The Benefits of electronic forms

  • Electronic forms are saved, processed and uploaded in one move – removing the need for the manual scanning and upload of paper forms.
  • Forms are auto-populated from demographic information.
  • Forms can be added to or amended as required.
  • Forms can populate information repositories (e.g. SCIStore) and in-house patient portals.
  • Application integrations ensure forms can be shared with relevant parties, regardless of location.
  • Forms are encrypted to eliminate unauthorised access -even when working offline or remotely
  • Forms can be shared with relevant individuals regardless of location or device.

Examples of forms

  • Pre Op Assessment
  • Death Notification – GP informed of death via Forms connection to EDT
  • Change of Treatment – GP informed of change of treatment electronically via EDT
  • Electronic Triage
  • Mental Health Assessment

The benefits for the NHS

Clinicians, doctors and NHS teams are using FormStream with their EPR and workflow system to improve the document turnaround process and ultimately quicken the response time to patients. Previous deployments into NHS Trusts and Boards have resulted in the following benefits:

  • Maximising existing investments in patient administration systems and electronic distribution.
  • Saving money on paper, postage and labour.
  • Offering a platform-agnostic service; will run on any device with a modern internet browser (IE8 minimum).
  • Has been designed to be flexible – there are no software upgrade prerequisites.
  • Integration with other clinical IT systems
  • Supporting electronic data transfer to GPs
  • Fully operational across mobile and web platforms via any modern web browser or Windows 8 and 10 devices
  • Supports sector initiative of the paperless NHS.

For a full specification of this product, please download our Product Sheet here or get in touch with the Voice Technologies team.