Information Workflow

One of our main objectives is to produce software that creates and delivers information as efficiently as possible. We call this process of generating and distributing information 'workflow'.

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Mobile Workflow

Our Mobile Workflow solutions enable your teams to manage their traditional work processes on your organisation’s mobile devices of choice. All with uncompromised security.

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Digital Dictation

Digital dictation technologies can increase your site’s productivity to generate time and cost-saving measurables – especially when coupled with dictation management software and processes.

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Speech Recognition

The market for speech recognition is process-friendly and functionally efficient, making speech recognition a necessity for many organisations across multiple markets.

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Featured Articles

Patient care improved with introduction of e-forms in NHS Highland

“[FormStream] has improved the quality and completeness of patient information. The MDT discussion summary is performed live during the meeting and communication with the GP is immediate.” Jim Docherty, Clinical Director, NHS Highland Challenge To solve the issues associated with a slow and onerous document creation process. Solution Using FormStream to simplify and accelerate document creation,… Read more »

Speech Recognition Proves a Hit with Pathologists in NHS Grampian and North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

“Speech recognition in Pathology has helped tremendously to maintain our report turnaround time even with staff shortfalls.” Dr Kaushik Dasgupta, Histopathology Consultant, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust Challenge To eliminate the bottlenecks that lead to a backlog of Pathology Departments’ reports. Solution Using speech recognition coupled with recording direct into the laboratory system. Results Speech… Read more »