Benefits of using speech recognition from Voice Technologies

    Expert advice: we work with technology pioneers whose voice recognition systems offer optimum accuracy

    Speed: our speech recognition solutions are 40% faster than handwriting or typing

    Accuracy: speech recognition technology has come a long way in the last decade. Nowadays, it’s unaffected by interference like noise or regional accents

    Compatibility: we install speech recognition into live workflow software systems with minimal upheaval and no organisational down-time

    Customisation: we ensure that audio input can be verified against a dictionary of terms most commonly used in your specialism

Free software trials

As a Nuance Elite Partner, we work with Nuance whose speech recognition systems offer optimum accuracy. Try Dragon speech recognition software free for 30 days.

Speech Recognition FAQs

  • Will the software be accurate?

    Typically, accuracy rates are up to 99%.

  • How long will it take to train my profile?

    While it can vary, most people learn the mechanics of dictating and using basic functionality of Nuance Dragon speech recognition software within two weeks of regular usage.

  • How can I make the software more accurate?

    Regular usage of Nuance Dragon speech recognition software will drive up the accuracy rate. Adding words to the vocabulary will also assist.

  • Can more than one user use a single profile?

    No, a separate license is needed for each individual user.

  • Can I use speech recognition with other system I use?

    Yes, Nuance Dragon speech recognition software will work in virtually any Windows-based application where you can position a cursor and type as you would with your keyboard. Some applications however, (like Microsoft Office) offer “full text control” allowing for higher levels of formatting features. Full text control is denoted by a green circle in the Dragon bar.

  • Will the software understand my accent?

    Yes, your profile is designed to work seamlessly with your voice and adapts to your accent, tone, and dictation style.

  • What version of speech recognition do I need?

    Depending on your profession, you will need our medical versions if you are a medical professional i.e., dentist or consultant. Our professional versions are used for general vocabulary usage. Please talk to us for more information about the best software for your needs.

  • What microphone should I use for speech recognition?

    We would recommend one of dedicated dictation devices such as a Philips SpeechMike premium. Please talk to us for more information about the best device for your needs

Speech recognition software

  • Nuance Dragon speech recognition software

    As a Nuance Elite Partner, Voice Technologies empowers professionals to embrace speech recognition in ways that integrate with their existing systems, improve productivity and reduce the cost of documentation.