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Voice Technologies creates workflows that make sharing data from its e-forms and digital dictation systems quick and simple

Transform data into shared information

Our aim is to transform data into relevant, practical information and present it in ways that are tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our workflow software solutions are among the best. The keys to our success are our attention-to-detail and the levels to which we go to ensure that the solution fits your needs.

Benefits of an optimised information workflow

Being productive on the move

Our pre-defined actions and workflow scenarios are customised for mobile devices so that you can complete, edit and verify documents while on the move – ultimately reducing inactive periods of the working day.

All our mobile applications have a strict emphasis on security. For example, WinVoicePro enables out-of-network mobile access, but only when users are equipped with 2-factor authentication credentials. Our ‘security first’ approach ensures that our customers comply with their legal and moral obligations.

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