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Voice Technologies offers digital dictation options that enhance your mobile workforce's productivity

Mobile Dictation

Voice Technologies offers options for organisations seeking to implement digital dictation for their mobile workforce.

Portable Dictation Devices offer uncompromised sound quality for recording and playback. Ergonomically designed for lengthy recordings, these devices have the battery life to support continuous dictation for long periods.

When a user docks a portable recorder at a base computer, dictations are automatically uploaded into the digital dictation management software where they are then routed to the configured workflow for transcription.

Key benefits

Telephone Dictation (Dial in Dictation) is ideal for companies seeking to maximise their existing IT investment. It works by adding an extension called a Dialogic Card to your digital dictation management software’s server. The card is assigned internal and external telephone numbers. Users simply dial an assigned number, input their identification credentials using the telephone keypad and start dictating. Once a dictation is finished, users simply hang up and the dictation is routed via the appropriate workflow.

Key benefits

Smartphone Applications mean that not only can your mobile workforce use their device for recording dictations, they can use their mobile connection to upload the recording to the company’s dictation management software.

Key benefits