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Digital dictation: record and manage dictations with digital technology

Digital dictation

Our digital dictation services include:

  • Consultation to assess your dictation needs
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Deployment including software interfaces
  • Training
  • Support.

Digital dictation technology is applicable to any size or type of organisation that needs to transform author-dictated files into formalised typed correspondence. Not only do our digital dictation solutions reduce paper, printing and postage costs, they provide data profiling, protection and traceability for scalable workflow management systems.

We specialise in:

  • Large-scale changeovers to replace obsolete (analogue) dictation systems with digital technology
  • SME deployment to streamline clerical digital dictation/document production processes
  • Multi-site deployment catering for multiple users with differing requirements.

We supply hundreds of customers every year and support tens of thousands of digital dictation end users.

Key benefits of digital dictation

  • Sound quality: recorded digital sound files offer uncompromised audio clarity
  • Security: file encryption ensures data protection for confidentiality
  • Search-friendly: our technology automatically adds metadata identification to each recording for traceability
  • Built-in automation: instantaneous job routing for one-click routing from dictating to transcription
  • Portability: compactly designed recording devices allow dictating at home, in the office or remotely to maximise document processing time
  • Flexible work distribution: the ‘job-list’ interface of pending transcription tasks and central management configuration allow inter-departmental work sharing and re-distribution during busy periods.

Expert advice

Organisations have unique requirements and a single solution doesn’t always fit. That’s why we frequently recommend a combined approach using digital and mobile dictation. We work closely with you to assess the needs of specific departments and users, assigning them the most appropriate method of dictating to suit their clerical and logistical requirements.

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