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Create and distribute documents online with browser-based app WinVoiceWeb


WinVoiceWeb is the next evolution in the WinVoice suite of products. Entirely web-based, WinVoiceWeb combines WinVoicePro functionality with a fully refreshed user interface to allow even quicker document production, management and distribution.

Key features

  • Web-based application, removing the need for any software installation
  • Incorporates all the document management features currently available in WinVoicePro
  • Links with existing applications and databases to populate documents automatically
  • Sends encrypted electronic documents for amendment, approval and dispatch
  • Easy to search for and add recipients
  • Can be launched from within third party systems, such as Clinical Portal
  • Can only be accessed by authenticated users.

Key benefits

  • Eliminates the time, cost and potential errors involved in re-keying data
  • Accelerates document turnaround times
  • Reduces resource, postage and printing costs.

Streamlining, simplifying and speeding up document workflow is at the core of WinVoiceWeb

All current WinVoicePro functionality is included in WinVoiceWeb including: using previous distribution lists; viewing previous documents for a patient; adding notes / routing documents for processing or verification

New document creation

In WinVoiceWeb, the creation of a new document has never been easier. A simple two step process, simply enter a patient identifier and select a letter template and your document will be created.


Documents can be created and verified in one step or, alternatively, can be saved for verification at a later date. Documents requiring verification are easily accessible from the home screen of WinVoiceWeb.

Document management

WinVoiceWeb has all the document management features available in WinVoicePro allowing documents to be routed, printed or flagged as necessary.

Remote launch integration

WinVoiceWeb can be launched from within third party systems, such as Clinical Portal, allowing the new job process to be launched from within other clinical systems.


Development is being phased, with all clinician functionality featuring in the first version. All secretarial information will be made available from version 2 onwards.

Get in touch to find out how WinVoiceWeb can streamline your workflow Get in touch to find out how WinVoiceWeb can streamline your workflow