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Efficient interfaces between WinVoicePro and other NHS systems

Winvoicepro interfaces

EMIS Web integration

WinVoicePro integration with EMIS Web enhances document workflow resulting in better clinical information-sharing between primary and secondary care and helping to improve both patient safety and quality of care. It offers a bespoke demographic and appointment feed from EMIS Web and the ability to upload a document verified within WinVoicePro back into EMIS Web. In addition, there is support for multiple organisations (demographic sources) within the one integration.

SCI-Diabetes integration

Key features

  • WinVoicePro imports up-to-date patient information from the SCI-Diabetes database to part-populate documents for the user
  • Users can amend, verify and store documents as normal within Electronic Patient Records (EPRs), DMS or portal systems
  • Verified documents are uploaded to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and can be viewed by anyone authorised to access a patient’s medical history
  • WinVoicePro and SCI-Diabetes are automatically synchronised.

Key benefits

  • Significant time savings by avoiding double data entry
  • Fosters more accurate data recording for patients and appropriate system use
  • Provides a proven means to integrate to other clinical systems, allowing bi-directional data flow.

Dentist & optometrist dispatch

Key features

  • Automatically stays up-to-date with ISD (the national dentist and optometrist lists for Scotland) files
  • Centralised control over the management of dentist, optometrist and GP lists
  • Automated dispatch process means verified PDF documents are emailed immediately to the patient’s referring practice inbox without secretarial intervention.

Key benefits

  • No additional training for WinVoicePro users
  • Documents are emailed via the ‘’ framework, adhere to standard practices and satisfy NHS security policies
  • Centralised control of healthcare provider lists allows them to be updated easily and ensures accuracy
  • Significant financial savings on printing, postage and resource time costs
  • Eliminates the time involved in scanning hard-copies at the receiving practice, freeing up resources for other tasks.

MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) integration

Key features

  • Clinical correspondence created in WinVoicePro can be sent electronically by pulling in recipient data from the MIG platform
  • Automatic electronic document dispatch to multiple GPs
  • If documents cannot be sent via MIG, or if dispatch fails, the secretarial team will be notified to print and post a copy of the document.

Key benefits

  • A completely managed hospital-to-practice document processing solution
  • Saves time by streamlining the administrative process
  • Removes the need for documents to be printed, verified and posted leading to tangible cost savings.


A full on-site installation of WinVoicePro is a pre-requisite for implementing the application’s NHS add-ons described here.


WinVoicePro SCI-Diabetes and WinVoicePro Dentist & Optometrist Dispatch are available immediately to NHS Boards in Scotland. Both follow a standard integration process that makes them equally applicable to NHS Trusts in England.