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Mobile, speech recognition and distribution add-ons for WinVoicePro

Winvoicepro addons


WinVoicePro: FileStream enables you to upload and convert files into documents for easy searching and distribution

Key features

  • Imports PDF or Word files into WinVoicePro
  • Files converted to searchable and viewable documents
  • PAS look-up and speciality code assignment built-in
  • Documents uploaded to EPR (Electronic Patient Record)
  • Electronic distribution via a GP interface or print and post.

Key benefits

  • Fast, easy access to previously unsearchable documents
  • Appropriate permissions applied for viewing and printing documents
  • Capture and share information with GPs easily.

Go Mobile – your documents go with you

WinVoicePro: Mobile allows you to read, amend and verify letters, reports and other documents using your smartphone or tablet

  • Speed up the document turnaround time of letters produced in WinVoicePro
  • Use WinVoicePro anywhere you have access to your organisation’s secure network
  • Ensure urgent documents reach recipients without delay
  • Enhance the investment made in mobile hardware.

Add speech recognition to increase productivity

WinVoicePro: Speech Enabled enables authors to create a letter from start to finish using speech recognition

Authors can dictate a letter using a SpeechMike and see their dictation appearing on the screen. For consultants who need to type their own letters, speech recognition offers significant savings in time and effort.

  • Search for patient details and add recipients to letters using speech recognition
  • Auto-text layouts inserted into letters using a voice command, e.g. “Insert SBAR”, avoids repetition and dramatically increases author productivity
  • Verified letters created with speech recognition are available through the WinVoicePro workflow including document stores and electronic delivery mechanisms.

Distribution options reduce resource time and print costs

WinVoicePro: POPI (patient Portal and Outsourced Printing Interface) is an add-on that enables you to integrate document production with your patient portal and outsourced printing solution

POPI introduces ‘O-type’ distribution into WinVoicePro’s document distribution workflow. Users can select either the Patient Portal or Outsourced Print function. Following verification, WinVoicePro converts the document to PDF ready for distribution via the method selected. From this point onwards, the workflow follows the process agreed with your portal and print provider/s.


A full on-site installation of WinVoicePro is a pre-requisite for implementing the application’s NHS add-ons described here