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document workflow software

Simple, fast, end-to-end document creation and distribution

WinVoicePro is Voice Technologies’ document workflow application

It has created 30 million documents and distributed 21 million electronically resulting in savings approaching £15m to our customers. Developed by Voice Technologies in collaboration with the NHS, WinVoicePro saves healthcare providers time and money.

It is a complete end-to-end solution that allows users to create letters, reports and other documents and distribute them electronically or in print. It is highly adaptable, having been designed to work seamlessly alongside existing software to make the job of document creation easier and faster. It can be used on the move too with an optional mobile add-on that enables users to view, edit and authorise documents anywhere to avoid delays.

Key features

Key benefits


WinVoiceWeb is the next evolution in the WinVoice suite of products. It will be entirely web-based so users will access document workflows via a browser on any networked PC. Development is being phased, with existing clinician functionality, such as creating new documents and updating and verifying existing documents, featuring in the first version.

Streamlining, simplifying and speeding up processes is at the core of WinVoiceWeb with the ‘New Job’ process, for instance, allowing clinicians to go directly to a new document. It will retain all key existing WinVoicePro functionality, allowing it to sit alongside existing WinVoice Pro deployments (v2.4 and above) and enabling gradual deployment.

Speech Recognition is also key to WinVoiceWeb, enabling users to dictate directly into documents in real-time. WinVoiceWeb will simplify future upgrades, enabling new features to be added with ease.