Nuance Dragon Medical One

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Advanced speech-driven clinical documentation with secure, convenient, and comprehensive support across the care continuum.

Fast, flexible, and future-proof

Built on a modern architecture, Dragon Medical One, the #1 conversational AI workflow assistant and documentation companion, empowers clinicians to create comprehensive clinical documentation.

  • Unrivalled accuracy. Sophisticated speech capabilities allow you to dictate high-quality notes. Achieve 99% accuracy, including automatic accent detection and audio calibration, with no voice profile training required.
  • Dictation done better. Advanced speech with natural language commands promotes an efficient approach to documenting care before, during, and after the patient consultation. Clinicians decide how and where documentation gets done—from dictating at the cursor to using an integrated dictation box, as well as modern browser support.
  • Autotext. Reduce time and eliminate repetitive data entry by automating how commonly used content and information is added to clinical notes. Customised templates can be shared across users, departments, and organisations.
  • Smartphone mic. When paired with PowerMic Mobile, any workstation becomes a dictation station, giving clinicians freedom to document notes using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone.
  • Consistent voice experience. Easily manage licenses, deployments, and default settings to ensure an efficient, familiar, and predictable experience across care settings, devices, and apps.
  • Industry-leading architecture. With remarkable responsiveness and resilience, this - GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 - certified solution enables broad integration and seamless support for both browser and web-based EPRs—giving you the flexibility you need in the environment you want.
  • “Dragon Medical One not only types your letters but can also type your emails and documents. Why spend hours at the keyboard if you can talk quicker than type?”

    Grant McIntyre, Clinical Director for Dundee Dental Hospital & School

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As a Nuance Elite Partner, we work with Nuance whose voice recognition systems offer optimum accuracy.