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Improving the user experience with version 8 of FormStream

Formstream v8

Our development team have listened to user feedback and given FormStream a complete front-end overhaul for version 8.

Navigation has been moved to the left hand side of the screen to give quick and easy access to all areas of the system.

The user interface now scales to different screen sizes allowing improved use across multiple devices.

Verify and Save
Verify and Save options are have also been moved to the top of the screen to assist with lower resolutions and to correct issues with buttons overlapping e-forms.

The filter page has been redesigned to use screen space more efficiently.

New features for the NHS

As well as an improved user experience, specific features for NHS users have been added to FromStream version 8.

Patient packs

It’s always been possible to create multiple e-forms for a single patient but, until now, there was no way to link them together as an episode of care. This now changes with FormStream version 8. Packs of e-forms can be defined in advance and users can select an episode of care and the pack they want to create. FormStream will then create a pack of blank e-forms for the patient.

All packs are easily identifiable and e-forms within the pack can be managed individually throughout the patient’s stay in hospital. Once the patient has left hospital, the entire pack can then be discharged. The system will then re-verify all e-forms in the pack and send them to the electronic patient record as a group under the unique care pathway number associated with the episode of care.

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meeting improvements

MDT meetings typically contain an attendance list. In previous versions of FormStream, a separate attendance list would need to be completed for every patient e-form that was being discussed in the MDT. Now, one attendance list can be managed as the meeting progresses and carried into every e-form that is part of the meeting, resulting in an improved, streamlined process which saves clinicians time.

FormStream version 8 also allows for the export of discussion points for each MDT meeting as a PDF file which can easily be shared amongst attendees in advance of a meeting taking place.

FormStream version 8 is available now

FormStream version 8 is available now and is supported across mobile and web platforms via web browsers or devices running Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Existing FormStream customers can get in touch with our project team to discuss upgrade options. Call Paisley 0141 847 5610, Sheffield 0114 244 9960 or email

Get in touch to talk about how FormStream can help improve performance, and save you time and money Get in touch to talk about how FormStream can help improve performance, and save you time and money