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form automation software

A library of all the e-Forms we've created for the NHS across the UK

Change of Medication

Change of Treatment
e-Form that is sent to the patients' GP requesting a change of treatment for a patient following a hospital visit.

Clinical Notes

Breast Care Nursing Admission
e-Form detailing investigations and treatment plan for breast care.

Electronic Triage
Triage document utilised by Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression (MSCC) coordinators.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Helpline
Record of calls taken via IBD Helpline

Lymphoedema Services
Lymphoedema services clinic record

NHS Near Me Blood Request form
Request form for phlebotomy to take place at local care centres near the patient as opposed to requiring a main hospital visit.

Pre-Op Assessment
e-Form utilised in pre-operative assessment process.

FormStream NHS Pre-assessment e-Form in action

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Record of Hospital Day Care
Record of a patient's day care. Records observations, vensection, therapeutic infusions, venflon, biologic therapies.

Resucitation Record
Record of patient resucitation.

Clinical Notes
Basic form used for recording clinical notes.

Discharge Letter

Dental Paediatric GA Discharge
e-Form detailing paediatric dental procedure carried out under general anaesthetic. Form is distributed to patient's dental practice.

Obstetric Anaesthesia
Obstetric anaesthesia record detailing operative delivery, epidural and any post-op symptoms.

GP Letter

Dietetic Report
Form sent to GP detailing nutrition and diabetic management plan for a patient.

End of Treatment Summary
Treatment summary following completion of cancer treatment.

Minor Injury Unit
Record of attendance at Minor Injury Unit.

Verification of death and death notification form
Form detailing checks to verify death, date and time of death and further details such as place of death and whether relatives have been informed. Utilised as initial notification to GP prior to completion of Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD). Reporting also carried out on numbers of and data within this form.

MDT Record

Colorectal Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)
Colorectal MDT process e-Form.

Haematology MDT
Haematology MDT e-Form.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) MDT
HCC MDT e-Form.

Hepatic Pancreato Biliary (HPB) MDT
HPB MDT e-Form.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) MDT
IBD MDT e-Form.

Lung MDT
Lung MDT process e-Form.

Other Gastro-intestinal (GI) MDT
Generic GI MDT e-Form.

Pelvic Floor MDT
Pelvic floor MDT e-Form.

Skin Cancer MDT
Skin cancer MDT process e-Form.

Upper GI MDT
Upper GI MDT process e-Form.

Urology MDT
Set of forms for use in urology MDT process.

FormStream NHS MDT e-Form in action

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Patient Consent

Patient Consent
e-Form for operations across multiple specialties. Uses signature pad to capture patient's signature.

FormStream NHS Patient Consent e-Form in action

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Patient / GP Letter

Ambulatory Emergency Care
Document detailing investigations and treatment carried out at ambulatory emergency care.

Pre-operative Diabetes Medication Recommendations
Instructions to a patient on changes to their diabetic medication schedule prior to surgery.

Referral Letter

Acute Pain Referral
Referral letter to acute pain team for patients suffering from chronic pain.

Community Team Referral Form
e-Form detailing referral to community care team. Includes reason for referral, current service usage, accommodation details, PMH and current risks and abilities.

Dental Referral
Referral form completed by dentist in dental practice. Completed form routed through SCI Gateway into PMS and serves as a process for a dentist referring a patient into secondary care.

FormStream NHS Dental Referral e-Form in action

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Ophthalmology Referral
Set of five referral e-Forms for referral from optometrists into secondary care. Identical process to dental referral.

FormStream Ophthalmology Referral e-Form in action

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Radiology Request
Radiological investigation request e-Form. Completed form is sent to the preferred site of radiological investigation.

Referral to Investigation and Treatment
Referral form for referring patient to third space care.

You can have any of the e-Forms listed here or speak to us about creating your own bespoke e-Forms You can have any of the e-Forms listed here or speak to us about creating your own bespoke e-Forms