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Posted on June 19, 2017

New manager, new skills

Callum McGowan, recently promoted to the role of Service Desk Manager, has strengthened his managerial skills with a 12-week long ‘Managing People for Growth’ course. Run by Strategem, the course aims to equip managers with soft skills that are highly prized in the professional world such as: goal setting; managing individual performance to create high performance teams; effective communication, assertiveness and influencing; coaching and delegation; dealing with conflict; and managing change and innovation.

Callum manages Voice Technologies’ Support team. He is responsible for maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring the service desk team responds to calls within agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and customers’ critical issues are escalated when necessary so that they receive the appropriate level of response.

He sees the skills acquired on the course as benefitting clients and colleagues as well as himself: “Techniques we learned on the course, such as GROW and SMART, are helpful in setting realistic and achievable goals for individuals in my team as well as for myself. The course covered the art of questioning which is beneficial, for instance, when I need to understand a customer’s issue or a team member’s query before deciding on an appropriate solution. We also developed skills for preventing and constructively solving conflicts, though I have to say there’s not a great deal of friction at Voice Technologies!

“Throughout the course there was positive emphasis on developing team members, for instance through delegation and how it can be used as a way of helping capable members of staff progress in their careers. Similarly, we learned about choosing different methods of learning, coaching, training and so on, to suit different individuals by observing their learning style.

“Overall, the course focused on skills that are geared to managing people well to maximise the team’s skills. It’s not just good for the company but for customers too because a strong, confident team is well placed to offer high levels of service.”

At Voice Technologies, staff learning and development are at the heart of the company. We hold the prestigious Investors in People and Investors in Young People accreditations which recognise our commitment to developing and empowering our people which in turn means giving a first-class service to our clients.

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Callum McGowan, Service Desk Manager