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Posted on June 19, 2017

George Eliot Hospital’s clinical correspondence workflow transformed by WinVoicePro

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust provides a range of hospital and community based services to more than 300,000 people across North Warwickshire, South West Leicestershire and North Coventry.

Before March 2017, the Trust’s clinical correspondence was managed using analogue dictation with tapes being sent to secretaries who typed directly into the Lorenzo system. Documents were returned to clinicians for verification before being issued to GPs and patients. Inevitably, the multiple manual steps in this time-consuming process led to delays and backlogs. Poor sound quality sometimes resulted in dictations having to be repeated.

Voice Technologies worked closely with the Trust’s clinical and IT teams to replace the analogue system with a new digital dictation system launched in March 2017. Dictations are now made using Winscribe (industry standard software) and WinVoicePro (Voice Technologies’ proprietary software) combined with Philips hardware that delivers the highest quality audio in any recording situation.

Sound results

The system is used by over 400 clinical and secretarial staff. It is installed locally on shared PCs and enables clinicians to verify remotely using VPN when necessary, further speeding up the process. Verification on mobile devices also enables clinicians to verify letters at other Trusts via the N3 network.

Secretaries can now see their current and queued workload clearly on-screen and can allocate work to specific individuals. They can also see the time spent on each dictation. Multiple documents can be printed simultaneously.

Fast, accurate digital dictations are successfully reducing the backlogs and delays caused by the analogue system. Print and postage costs have been significantly reduced and much of the time involved in clinical correspondence has been eliminated – freeing up resources for other tasks.

Do the issues at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust sound familiar? Contact us to find out how digital dictation can help your organisation >