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Posted on February 25, 2016

WinVoicePro “in numbers” shows true potential of workflow management solutions.

Measurable process improvements are positive and inspiring for both NHS Boards and Voice Technologies as system developers.

An installation of WinVoicePro – a UK-leading workflow management system for healthcare – into Scottish NHS sites has resulted in a series of quantitative enhancements to the Board’s document creation process.

WinVoicePro was created to make savings for the NHS – both in administrative time, site resources and money. It works seamlessly alongside existing popular software installations to provide an end-to-end solution for letter, report and document creation as well as printed and electronic distribution within NHS Acute and Primary Care environments. The system’s ability to draw digital dictation recordings from the sector-renowned WinScribe application to allow immediate and accurate clinical transcription has proved successful across England and Scotland, and its automated synergy with the Board’s PAS, EPR or Document Management System means that live directory information can be applied to the file in a click-of-a-button.

The WinVoicePro deployment into several Scotland NHS Boards resulted in unprecedented advances in clerical management by both reducing the bulk of printing and postage and minimising the manual inter-system data transfer tasks between EPR and Winscribe. This was replaced by more accurate, traceable and secure practices of electronic upload and data transfer.

Voice Technologies recorded a total of 15.2million documents created within WinVoicePro with 11million of these documents uploaded to the Board’s EPR. Although this automation in itself brought huge administrative benefits when creating and reviewing patient data, the real cost-savings are clear when considering the reduction in printing and postage expenses. WinVoicePro allows documents – patient referrals, consultations and reports -to be sent to a GP electronically via EDT, meaning routing of a document to its destination is instantaneous and doesn’t rely on the resource-intensive and timely task of printing and postage. Scottish Boards who adopted WinVoicePro recorded over 10million documents which were sent to GPs using this method and reported clerical, printing and postage savings of over £6.5million.

Speaking from the Voice Technologies’ Head Office, CEO James McPherson comments:

“It’s the real “in numbers” measurables which really communicate the advantages of electronic document creation. We are naturally delighted that these NHS Boards have received the exceptional return on investment by deploying our systems. We continue to focus on the removal of existing paper processes, assist boards to achieve a paperless environment and make information securely available for the care of patients”

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