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Posted on March 10, 2016

Site Monitor checks customer’s IT processes remotely

Voice Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of Site Monitor – a server-run support service which monitors the status of other customer’s IT processes to notify VT technical teams of any system issues – all in real time.

Site Monitor can monitor folder structures for build-up of files, check server disk space and verify that other IT services (such as Windows processes, scheduled tasks, SQL Server Agent Jobs) are operating adequately to ensure that a customer’s IT infrastructure is maximised and running efficiently.

An alert is generated whenever pre-set thresholds are exceeded, notifying Voice Technologies immediately of a system issue which may need addressing. Examples of this are exceeding an amount files in a folder, quantity of EDT/SCI Store/Electronic interface failures and surpassing  disk space.  This information is displayed on a dashboard which is accessible to the customer site and emailed systematically back to the Voice Technologies team at regular intervals (or immediately if an alert is raised) for monitoring. The system is schedule-based, meaning that if this email is not received when expected, the Support team receives a warning to to check that processes are still functioning correctly and the system is still online. If no warnings are generated, Site Monitor is configured to only apply updates to Voice Technologies’ internal stats and continue monitoring.

Site Monitor can be uniquely configured according to site requirements and applied across multiple server environments. Get in touch for more information.