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Posted on October 20, 2014

Awards Night Recognition for Voice Technologies Healthcare Solution

UHCW, with the help of Voice Technologies, implemented a Trust wide Dictation and Document Production system which incorporated and streamlined all of the activities, staff, and data systems involved in the creation, management, and delivery of patient letters.

As one of the UK’s largest teaching trusts, UHCW serve over one million people across two hospitals and had found that the transcription and generation of patient letters in the Trust was slow and inefficient – It was estimated that each secretary spent five hours a day managing the existing letter production process.

Analysis shows that the solution has achieved significant quantifiable results to date, including:

This intuitive solution for UHCW is one that could be easily replicated in other NHS Trusts due to the flexibility of approach and install. By mapping out operational processes associated with clinical correspondence similar organisations could certainly unearth similar organisational results.