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Posted on June 28, 2013

WinVoicePro’s recent innovations

To continue the success of WinVoicePro, we have been developing additions to the WinVoicePro suite:

Announcing our new WinVoicePro Tablet Verification application which allows clinicians to read and verify documents on any Tablet and Mobile device. This further utilises the investment NHS Trusts have already put into new technology and enables consultants to authorise letters anywhere and at any time.

The Bulk Verify add-on for the core application has been very popular with all Trusts and Health Boards who quickly adopted it. Its use further reduces the time spent on administrative tasks by clinicians, especially in areas of low bandwidth.

Additionally, we have released a WinVoicePro web service which enables other clinical applications to integrate with our document management services; allowing clinical staff to search for and view WinVoicePro patient letters through their existing patient administration application. This has been adopted by a number of clinical systems, including Orion.

WinVoicePro 2.3

At its core, WinVoicePro now allows:

Third Party Integrations

WinVoicePro interfaces with national patient records and communication systems including PAS, DMS, EPR, EDT and MIG; creating a streamlined process of communication which saves clinical and non-clinical staff time and effort.