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Posted on January 17, 2013

Five golden rules

At Voice Technologies, our market leading digital dictation, speech recognition and patient letter production systems are proven in helping our clients work smarter and more efficiently – saving hundreds of thousands of pounds each year and many thousands of ‘administration’ hours.

With our unique mix of developers, business analysts, support engineers and account managers, we have a proven depth of expertise and knowledge to ensure that our systems always deliver for our clients.

Our digital dictation, speech recognition and patient letter production systems are backed up with a full complement of in-house technical support.

Not all products available in the UK offer the same level of on-going expertise, often resulting in systems that simply do not, and cannot, deliver the efficiencies they promise.

It is important for any business planning on investing in a digital dictation, speech recognition or patient letter production system to improve efficiency and save time and money, to consider ‘The five golden rules to buying effective digital dictation and speech recognition’ before making any decision:

  1. COMPATIBILITY – Sounds basic, but not all systems are compatible with many leading internal operating systems used across a range of sectors, including health, legal and local government.
  2. IMPLEMENTATION – Ease of use is at the heart of our products, as is ease of implementation – delivered by our expert in-house technical team, without the need for significant down time or intrusion. Check that the system you are looking at is easy to install, with the cost of future system upgrades included.
  3. DESKTOP APPLICATION – Mobility and accessibility are key in the modern world of work. Our systems are designed to be used across a host of systems and devices – from desktop PCs and laptops, to smartphones and tablets – offering a genuine enterprise-wide solution, where the cost of ownership is offset by the broad accessibility and convenience they offer.
  4. ONGOING SUPPORT – Off-the-shelf systems are at one end of the product spectrum, we are at the other! We provide complete and on-going backroom support, ensuring our clients get the maximum savings and benefits possible from our systems, for every year of operation, not just the first. Off-the-shelf systems can leave you high and dry if you need on-going help and support.
  5. COST AND VALUE – Beware of a false economy! Cheaper, off-the-shelf systems will not deliver the same level of functionality and value as a fully integrated and tested professional system – backed by developers, programmers and support managers.

So remember, generic systems will struggle to deliver savings and efficiencies for your business, and it always pays to invest in proven technologies from the outset.