PAS interfaces

Our WinVoice apps seamlessly integrate with all common Patient Administration System (PAS) systems to retrieve patient demographic and episodic information. The information retrieved from the PAS is used throughout our applications for the automatic population and tagging of documents. Supported PAS integrations include:

Secondary care interfaces

  • HL7 PAS Feed
  • Direct PAS Query
  • TrakCare
  • SCI Store
  • SCI Gateway
  • Cerner
  • EMIS Web.

Primary care interfaces

  • EDT
  • MESH
  • MiG
  • HL7 Distribution.

Outsource print

  • ATOS Print Services
  • Synertec Print Services.

EPR interfaces

WinVoiceWeb and WinVoicePro provide a range of interfaces for the upload of verified documents into the Electronic Patient Record (EPR). Documents are uploaded instantaneously and securely ensuring the patient record always contains the latest information. Document revisioning is also supported allowing documents to be superseded if a modified version becomes available. Supported EPR integrations include:

  • SCI Store
  • Plumtree EDM
  • TRAKCare
  • CDS.

Distribution interfaces

All WinVoiceWeb and WinVoicePro documents are distributed to named individuals or entities whether that is the patient, a GP, a clinical mailbox or any other recipient. Our systems support a range of electronic delivery methods accommodating these needs. These include:

  • Docman EDT (GP Practice Distribution)
  • Email attachment and notification
  • MiG
  • MESH
  • SCI-Gateway.

System interfaces

Our WinVoice apps support multi-purpose integration with many other systems that are commonly used within the NHS.


Integration with EMIS Web enhances document workflow resulting in better clinical information-sharing between primary and secondary care and helping to improve both patient safety and quality of care. It offers a bespoke demographic and appointment feed from EMIS Web and the ability to upload a document verified within WinVoiceWeb or WinVoicePro back into EMIS Web. In addition, there is support for multiple organisations (demographic sources) within the one integration.

SCI-Gateway consultant to consultant referral

Key features

    Internal consultant to consultant referrals can be created within WinVoice

    Dedicated workflow process allowing selection of destination hospital, specialty and priority

    Verified documents automatically uploaded into SCI Gateway system for vetting and onward processing

    Customisable interface allowing implementation of business rules applicable to any organisation.

Key benefits

    Significant financial savings over legacy internal referral processes

    Full end-to-end referral process allowing referrals to be submitted, vetted in the Referral Management System and patients booked into appointments

    Automatic generation of Unique Care Pathway Numbers (UCPN) if required.

Print outsourcing

Our Outsource Printing Interface enables you to outsource the printing of documents, where required, to a provider of choice.

  • Following verification, outsourced documents are converted to the format of choice ready for secure distribution
  • Front-cover template automatically added to document ensuring conformance to windowed envelope standards
  • Configurable business rules can be applied to define which document types should be outsourced.
Patient Portal

We can support distribution of document via Patient Portals, Digital Front Doors and other Third Party providers such as NetCall. This WinVoiceWeb workflow removes the need for local print and post processes of patient correspondence and supports the transition to digital communication with Patients.

  • WinVoiceWeb

    WinVoiceWeb is the web-based version of WinVoice, the document workflow app from Voice Technologies that makes savings for the NHS by creating and distributing documents faster. WinVoiceWeb is accessible from any browser and offers users built-in dictation, speech recognition and text editor features.

  • WinVoicePro

    WinVoicePro is the desktop version of WinVoice, the document workflow application from Voice Technologies that makes savings for the NHS. Installed on the user’s PC, WinVoicePro uses a desktop version of Microsoft Word as its text editor.

  • WinVoice FAQs

    Our answers to some frequently asked questions about WinVoice document creation and distribution.

  • WinVoice add-ons

    Add-ons for Voice Technologies’ WinVoice apps.