• What is WinVoice and who uses it?

    WinVoice is the name for our range of document production and distribution applications. WinVoice is used by clinicians and secretaries in the NHS throughout the U.K. Using WinVoice you can securely create, verify and distribute clinical documents using an entirely digital process from start to finish.

  • What is the difference between WinVoice Pro and WinVoice Web?

    WinVoicePro is our original document production and distribution system. Developed in conjunction with the NHS, it has been a trusted solution in use throughout the UK for over 12 years. WinVoicePro is a desktop application which is installed on each user PC and uses a desktop version of Microsoft Word as the text editor.

    WinVoiceWeb is our new document production and distribution solution which benefits from an entirely redesigned user interface streamlining the core features and functions that are important to you. The key feature of WinVoiceWeb is that it is entirely web-based meaning it can be accessed from any web-browser on any PC within your network and it also benefits from its own built-in text editor. This all means that there is no need for software to be deployed to your PC, the system is much easier to access and use and new features and upgrades can be easily added.

  • My documents contain sensitive patient information, are they secure?

    Yes. All WinVoice documents are stored centrally on a server and are encrypted to 256-bit AES standard.

  • I work in a large team, can documents be easily shared or routed between us?

    Yes. Secretarial team members can either view only documents which they personally typed or can open up the view to access and manage all documents across the whole team. Additionally, although documents are automatically routed to the originating clinician for verification, this can be over-ridden by secretarial team members to route documents to any other clinician if required. Full support for ‘multi-verifier’ documents is also included allowing a chain of clinicians to be assigned to a document for verification, the document will only be distributed once all clinicians have signed-off the document.

  • Do I need to print documents?

    Whilst documents can be printed, WinVoice is designed as a primarily digital solution. As such, we have a range of interfaces and services available to allow documents to be distributed electronically. This includes electronic interfaces to GP systems, EPR systems and email to name a few.

  • Is speech recognition supported?

    Yes. Speech recognition is supported in both WinVoicePro and WinVoiceWeb editors.

  • Can WinVoice be launched from other systems?

    Yes. Whilst both WinVoicePro and WinVoiceWeb are stand-alone applications, we also have options to launch both products from other third-party applications. In the case of WinVoiceWeb, you can launch straight into a new document from another third-party application entirely in patient context.

  • Do I need to create contacts in the system to be able to send documents to them?

    No. We regularly load national reference files for GPs, dentists and optometrists into the system for you. The only contacts you would need to create are for local or external individuals or bodies who are not part of national reference files.