Convert and upload files into WinVoiceWeb for easy searching and distribution.

Using FileStream, files are easily imported, complete with metadata into WinVoiceWeb. Information can be added to the document before being distributed simultaneously via WinVoiceWeb to multiple recipients – the patient, the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and the patient’s registered GP.

Verified files from other applications can be exported, including document metadata, and sent automatically via FileStream. The system offers simultaneous distribution to the patient, the EPR and the patient’s registered GP.

FileStream’s key features

    Imports PDF or Word files into WinVoiceWeb.

    Files converted to searchable and viewable documents

    PAS look-up and speciality code assignment built-in

    Documents uploaded to EPR (Electronic Patient Record)

    Electronic distribution via a GP interface or print and post.

FileStream’s key benefits

    Fast, easy access to previously unsearchable documents

    Appropriate permissions applied for viewing and printing documents

    Capture and share information with GPs easily.

WinVoice clinic list

Create your dictations or documents directly from a patient list specific to your clinic.

    Clinic lists can be loaded using clinic date, clinic code/name or consultant code/name

    Selecting a patient from the clinic list automatically loads a new dictation or document window pre-populated with information about the patient

    Note can be added against clinic list entries or patients can be marked as DNA (Did Not Attend)

    Accuracy of dictation and document data is assured

    Clinician time is saved through increased efficiency in the dictation and document production processes.

WinVoice remote launch

Launch into the WinVoice software from third-party systems such as Clinical Portal.

    Users are automatically and securely authenticated into the system

    WinVoiceWeb can be launched in patient context or patient and episode context either specifying a document template or allowing the user to pick

    Quick streamlined process for creating new documents

    Allows users to reduce the number of systems they need to interact with.

  • WinVoiceWeb

    WinVoiceWeb is the web-based version of WinVoice, the document workflow app from Voice Technologies that makes savings for the NHS by creating and distributing documents faster. WinVoiceWeb is accessible from any browser and offers users built-in dictation, speech recognition and text editor features.

  • WinVoicePro

    WinVoicePro is the desktop version of WinVoice, the document workflow application from Voice Technologies that makes savings for the NHS. Installed on the user’s PC, WinVoicePro uses a desktop version of Microsoft Word as its text editor.

  • WinVoice FAQs

    Our answers to some frequently asked questions about WinVoice document creation and distribution.

  • WinVoice interfaces

    Seamless interfaces between our WinVoice apps and other NHS systems to enhance productivity.