Create. Verify. Distribute.

WinVoiceWeb and WinVoicePro are complete end-to-end solutions that allow users to create letters, reports and other documents and distribute them electronically or in print. Both apps are highly adaptable, having been designed to work seamlessly alongside existing software to offer greater document distribution efficiency to the NHS. They can be used on the move too, with optional add-ons that enable users to view, edit and authorise documents from anywhere to speed up the sharing of information with multiple parties.

  • WinVoiceWeb

    WinVoiceWeb is the web-based version of WinVoice, the document workflow app from Voice Technologies that makes savings for the NHS by creating and distributing documents faster. WinVoiceWeb is accessible from any browser and offers users built-in dictation, speech recognition and text editor features.

  • WinVoicePro

    WinVoicePro is the desktop version of WinVoice, the document workflow application from Voice Technologies that makes savings for the NHS. Installed on the user’s PC, WinVoicePro uses a desktop version of Microsoft Word as its text editor.

  • WinVoice FAQs

    Our answers to some frequently asked questions about WinVoice document creation and distribution.

  • WinVoice add-ons

    Add-ons for Voice Technologies’ WinVoice apps.

  • WinVoice interfaces

    Seamless interfaces between our WinVoice apps and other NHS systems to enhance productivity.