• Who uses FormStream e-forms

    FormStream e-forms are suitable for any organisation or function that wants to replace paper forms or improve on existing e-forms.

    Developed and rigorously tested in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), one of the largest employers in the world with multiple applications and systems, FormStream e-forms streamline workflows and reduce costs in organisations large and small.

  • We’ve used e-forms before and found them complicated. How is FormStream different?

    FormStream is a dedicated e-form application, it’s not a compromise add-on to another product so the e-forms we create are specifically designed to achieve what you need to do and they are never over-engineered.

    Our software specialists start by understanding your workflow to design your e-form specifically for its context. They listen to what you need the form to achieve and do not allow a form to become ‘all things to all people’ resulting in user-friendly, efficient e-forms. Feedback confirms this is the main reason users like using FormStream e-forms so much.

  • Can FormStream save us time?

    Yes. FormStream e-forms can be designed to be auto-populated from with data from other systems used in your organisation, saving time previously spent on manually keying in data. Mobile-friendly, FormStream’s e-forms can be created, populated and then shared instantly and simultaneously with the users that need them so no time is lost in sending forms individually and awaiting replies before sharing with others.

  • Can FormStream save us money?

    Yes. As well as saving time by avoiding manual data entry, FormStream saves the costs of printing and postage/distribution.

  • Can FormStream replace paper forms entirely?

    Yes, with FormStream there’s no need to print, scan and upload paper forms. Forms are saved, processed and uploaded to the relevant location in one move so they’re shared instantly.

  • How secure is data in the e-forms?

    All data is fully encrypted. Only authorised users can access the e-forms they are permitted to see.

  • Can FormStream handle large scale deployment?

    Yes. FormStream has been developed in conjunction with the NHS – the world’s largest employer with 1.3 million employees ­­– so it is ideal for large scale deployment.

    Voice Technologies has years of experience in both small-scale pilot projects and large-scale deployments. We offer high levels of customer support for users of our products, including FormStream, on a daily basis.