Identify. Share. Act.

Looking for a simpler, secure system to manage patient chronology? Voice Technologies has the answer.

Our web-based app, ChronoLog, is designed specifically for professionals in the Circle of Care to record and share an overview of significant events that occur throughout a patient’s life – enabling you to identify trends and concerns that call for appropriate action to be taken.

Developed in conjunction with NHS Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland, ChronoLog is applied in Boards and Trusts throughout the UK and allows access for other users across across social care, police and education. Uniquely, ChronoLog can be used for the adult population as well as for children.

Key features of our web-based ChronoLog system

    ChronoLog is fully integrated with Active Directory for authentication purposes

    Log in manually and search for any patient, or remote launch, in patient-context, from a third-party system such as Clinical Portal or the Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

    Users are in control – add yourself to the Circle of Care for a patient as a user or manager, define your contact details, create a significant event for a patient, and opt to receive real-time notifications when events are added by other users

    Draft events are imported into ChronoLog via interfaces with third-party systems such as A&E systems and our web-based e-forms app FormStream and can be converted to full chronology events if significant

    Completed event forms are automatically sent to the EPR.

User flexibility: users can join and leave a patient’s Circle of Care as required.

Patient chronology: significant events can be input directly in ChronoLog or imported from third-party systems, with users controlling their own notification settings.

Key benefits of our web-based ChronoLog system

    Provides a single, integrated point of reference across healthcare, social care, police and education for patient chronology

    Users can join and leave a patient’s Circle of Care as required

    Real-time notifications keep everyone up-to-date and aid timely decisions to be made about appropriate action.