SpeechLive increases the efficiency of The Murray Surgery

  • “Voice Technologies suggested a solution which has made the GPs and secretaries happy, so I am happy too!”

    Marjorie Stewart, Business Manager, The Murray Surgery


The Murray Surgery is a five-partner General Practitioner (GP) practice providing NHS primary care services to over 10,000 people in East Kilbride, Scotland.

The practice had identified significant issues with its dictation system which involved an inappropriate amount of resource time and delayed the issuing of patient letters and referrals.

New Windows 10 base units would not accommodate existing headsets, speakers, microphones and handsets. Dictations being sent to the base units from the GPs were going missing instead of being directed to the secretary for transcription. The poor sound quality of recordings from video consultations also made it difficult for the recordings to be heard properly which led to multiple iterations between the secretaries and the GPs to clarify dictations.

Cloud-based efficiency

Voice Technologies recommended Philips SpeechLive, a cloud-based (no software required) dictation and transcription solution. It offers unrivalled audio clarity and is designed to save time and resources.

GPs now record their dictations using the Philips voice recorder smartphone dictation app. They can log in to their SpeechLive account wherever they are and access dictation files, download recordings or send them off for transcription.

Practice secretaries access dictations via a web browser on any device either at the practice or at home. No time is lost in generating documents as typists can access, playback and transcribe recordings from anywhere. Dictation files can be assigned a status so the typists can prioritise accordingly.

Our project team ensured that the system interfaced seamlessly with the Practice’s existing IT systems so the introduction of the new workflow caused no disruption. We provided full training so that the staff were confident in using the new system from day one and provide ongoing support to ensure the system continues to run smoothly.

Philips SpeechLive has succeeded in achieving the Practice’s goals: improved sound quality and streamlined workflow. Most importantly, patients benefit from the system. Letters and referrals are turned around faster than before and resource time is freed-up for other essential tasks.


  • SpeechLive increases the efficiency of The Murray Surgery