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Posted on August 28, 2019

FormStream in Clinical Portal makes for single login


To reduce the number of application logins for clinicians.


Embed the FormStream application within Clinical Portal.


  • View a patient’s record and open or update a form for them within Clinical Portal
  • Single login and single patient search
  • Saves time and reduces the potential for manual errors.
“Clinicians will be able to create a patient form with single sign in, confident in the knowledge that patient details are pulled in automatically. It will simplify and speed up common tasks.”
Colin Wood, Software Development Manager, Voice Technologies


NHS Dumfries and Galloway serves a population of 150,000 spread across a large geographical area of approximately 2,400 square miles. The Health Board’s 4,500 staff (excluding general practitioners and dentists) aim to deliver excellent, person-centred care and to reduce health inequalities across a total of eleven units comprising a Royal Infirmary, and community and cottage hospitals.

Why integrate FormStream?

Clinical Portal is being deployed throughout NHS Scotland. It is one of many applications used by NHS Dumfries and Galloway’s staff on a daily basis. Clinicians spent time switching from one application to another and managing separate logins. To access FormStream, for instance, users browsed to the URL, logged in to the system and manually searched for a patient before creating the relevant form for them.

Having already benefited from FormStream’s savings by avoiding costly and repetitive manual form-filling, the Board was keen to promote wider use of FormStream throughout its facilities. Integrating FormStream into Clinical Portal in order to simplify the form creation process was the next logical step.

The solution our software development team created is a new ‘Remote Launch’ feature. It enables users to open FormStream and create a form directly from Clinical Portal, avoiding a separate login altogether. An added benefit is that the patient’s details are automatically pulled through into the form, ensuring the user is always looking at the same patient in Clinical Portal and FormStream.

Previous experience

Voice Technologies had already proven the embedding concept by implementing a ‘Remote Launch’ button for our Mobile Edit application in NHS Dumfries and Galloway’s Clinical Portal.

We also have in-depth knowledge of the Board’s systems having worked closely with them for over four years, deploying and supporting our Winscribe, WinVoicePro and FormStream products.

Next steps

Rigorous testing is complete (March 2019) and roll out of the FormStream remote launch feature within Clinical Portal is scheduled for Q2 2019.

If your Board or Trust could benefit from this or similar integration, please contact us.