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Posted on February 24, 2017

Digital dictation leads to increased customer satisfaction and improved workflow for Nairn Healthcare Group


To eliminate the delays and inefficiencies associated with an analogue dictation system. 


Introducing a faster, more efficient digital dictation system.


“Voice Technologies has always provided fantastic customer support. It is one of the best helpdesks I have used in comparison to other software support services.”
Tanya Bowie, Practice Manager


Nairn Healthcare Group employs over 60 staff who provide general medical services from two locations in Nairn and Ardersier in the north of Scotland. 

The Group used an analogue dictation system to generate correspondence. Letters and other documents were dictated onto tapes that were passed to the secretaries who transcribed them, passed the documents back to the originator for verification and finally posted them to recipients. 

Analogue-based dictation systems have a number of inherent inefficiencies and the Group was experiencing some of these. The turnaround time from dictation to document was often lengthy due to the manual nature of the process. Low quality recordings with high levels of background noise sometimes lead to authors spending extra time re-recording unclear dictations. Importantly, there was no means of prioritising the recordings which meant that secretarial staff were unaware which documents were most urgent.

The system’s inefficiencies were the catalyst for the Group to move to digital dictation. After evaluating three potential suppliers and systems, Nairn Healthcare Group selected Voice Technologies on the basis of our proven track record. NHS Highland, the Group’s NHS Board, already used our systems and their positive customer experience with Voice Technologies was a significant factor in the decision.

Easy implementation 

We aim to make the customer experience as simple and straightforward as possible on every project. Helping Nairn Healthcare Group transition from analogue to digital dictation was no different. We assessed the existing workflow and recommended the most appropriate digital dictation system – WinScribe – for the Group’s needs.

We helped to implement WinScribe for the Group’s 27 users, making use of the existing ICT infrastructure by using their existing PCs which reduced the cost of the system compared to introducing handheld devices. Having previously deployed WinScribe for NHS Highland, we brought know-how to managing the interfaces between the Group’s existing IT systems and WinScribe. This experience enabled us to implement the system quickly and efficiently.

The digital dictation system has proved popular with authors, secretarial and managerial staff alike. All have seen benefits arising from the introduction of the system including: