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Voice recognition, digital dictation and transcription solutions for legal practices


Legal practices generate significant volumes of documentation on a day-to-day basis. The speed of turnaround and accuracy are key for improving client service and optimising business efficiencies. Many legal professionals dictate documents using outdated analogue or digital systems, some of which involve manually sending tapes for transcription. Our voice recognition systems help legal practices to work faster, more accurately and support the need to work from anywhere.

Specialist voice-to-text software for legal firms arrives populated with legal terminology so it’s 99 percent accurate right out of the box. Plus, speaking is three times faster than typing.

Cloud-based apps support a hybrid working model, allowing your legal and admin teams to work from the office or remotely.

Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software

As a Nuance Dragon Value Added Reseller, we choose the best speech recognition solution for legal firms from the Nuance Dragon family.

Dragon Professional Anywhere

Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere empowers busy professionals, including remote workers, to use their voice naturally to create more detailed and accurate documentation quickly and easily with AI powered speech recognition.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere professional‑grade mobile dictation makes it easy to create documents of any length and edit, format and share them directly from your mobile device – whether visiting clients, a job site or your local coffee shop.

Dragon Legal Anywhere

Nuance’s Dragon Legal Anywhere – cloud hosted speech recognition that integrates directly into legal workflows – helps solicitors, barristers, judges, paralegals, and other legal professionals create high-quality documentation, in less time, by using the power of their voice.

Dragon Professional Group

Designed for shared access, Dragon Professional Group offers all the benefits of Dragon voice recognition software designed for deployment across the business. Share custom words, standard texts and pro-forma documents for faster productivity, leverage Nuance Management Centre for optimal use of licenses.

Try Dragon Anywhere, Dragon Professional Anywhere or Dragon Legal Anywhere for 30 days for free Try Dragon Anywhere, Dragon Professional Anywhere or Dragon Legal Anywhere for 30 days for free

Our digital dictation solutions combine powerful speech recognition software with the convenience of the cloud. Users can dictate even the most complex legal documents quickly, accurately, and from anywhere – with a solution that knows legal terms right from first use.

Digital dictation software such as Philips SpeechLive seamlessly integrates with legal firms’ other IT systems and allows the teams across offices to easily work from home or other locations, increasing productively and levels of staff satisfaction.

Philips SpeechLive

SpeechLive utilises the power of voice to help professionals focus on what they do best. The cloud-based dictation workflow solution has mobilised users to effectively manage their time and productivity by simplifying virtual collaboration.

You can now take control of your entire speech-to-text workflow, no matter if you are in the office or on the go, working from home or while travelling. Take down your notes, tasks, or documents using any dictation device or the Philips Voice Recorder App on your smartphone. You can either send the dictations to your own personal typists who can access the dictations from any location as well. No extra hassle of software installations!

Olympus Digital Dictation and Transcription

Advances in digital technology within the dictation and transcription process have transformed how legal practices process recorded information. Portable handheld recording devices allow lawyers to dictate on the go, and Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software automatically routes recordings into the firm’s workflow, either to a transcriptionist, directly into speech recognition software, or a combination of both.

Professional Dictation solutions can easily be integrated into the workflow of any legal practice and significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of audio assets between lawyers and staff resulting in exceptional ROI. And all products are engineered to keep your critical legal recordings safe and private – from the 256-bit file encryption and four-digit PIN locking of the ultra-portable DS-9500 Professional Dictation System to advanced features built into the ODMS software.


  • Securely connects authors and transcribers with their chosen workflow
  • Encryption to secure confidential data
  • Cloud storage and secure access from anywhere for dictations to be recorded and reviewed anywhere via a mobile app
  • Typists can log in anywhere via their browser to type dictations
  • Working from home and other remote locations becomes more efficient.
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