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Digital dictation and speech recognition systems make capturing information simple and effective. We understand that a user’s objective will be to produce and deliver shareable information (by document or form) and so our aim is to produce a software application which creates and delivers this data quickly and cost-efficiently.

We call the process of creating and delivering information ‘workflow’ and our software solutions are among the best in the market. The key to our success has been both the attention-to-detail and the levels to which we go to ensure that the solution is as bespoke to an organisation for which it was designed.

What are the benefits of an optimised information workflow solution?

  • Electronically verify documents quickly via desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Directly integrates with digital dictation application
  • Electronic file distribution
  • Easy template management
  • Management roles for document tracking and re-allocation
  • Integrates and enhances existing client and/or clinical systems and processes

Our solutions

The flagship brand of our workflow service – WinVoicePro – is a document creation application which was created and developed in partnership with the NHS. It has delivered tens of millions of documents to GPs electronically and works seamlessly with standard dictation applications.

WinVoicePro’s leading feature is its ability to take digital dictations and allow secretaries to turn them into clinical letters for dispatch to patients. It does this by linking directly with an organisation’s Patient Administrative System, Electronic Patient Record or Document Management System and will pull in all necessary data for a document through a patient’s name and/or unique identifiers. With WinVoicePro, users can send documents for amendment and approval electronically – filling the costly void between digital dictation and internal paper distribution.

In 2010, WinVoicePro’s merit was recognised by the Microsoft Partner Programme and we were awarded with the prestigious ‘Silver ISV Competency Award’.

FormStream is our browser-based application which was designed to remove the need for paper forms which are used in community and acute settings by the NHS.The product was initially created as a solution to the data-capturing needs of one NHS Board in Scotland who required electronic forms for community workers to easily capture, amend and share patient information during and after appointments. FormStream has now been rolled out as the solution to form-based problems across multiple healthcare disciplines.