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WinVoicePro Mobile is a browser based application that lets you read, amend and verify clinical letters quickly and easily using a tablet computer or smartphone mobile device across any operating system.

Who is it for?

WinVoicePro was developed in full collaboration with the NHS and the software continues to be advanced through feature requests that come from our NHS customers. This makes WinVoicePro perfectly suited to save all NHS boards and trusts across the United Kingdom time and money. WinVoicePro Mobile is designed for any NHS site currently using the fully featured desktop WinVoicePro that wishes to be as productive on mobile platforms.

What does it do?

WinVoicePro Mobile enables workforces on the move to speed up the process of clinical correspondence. By integrating with existing NHS backend systems, it is ensured that finalised documents are sent onwards to document stores, GP systems and clinical mailboxes without any further interaction or delay.


As a desktop application, WinVoicePro provides an array of powerful tools to consultants and secretaries in order to help them save time. When the workforce is in the field, however, they rarely have access to a networked PC and multiple days can elapse between a clinical document being created and the same document being verified.

Through an Android, Blackberry or iOS device, clinicians can view, amend and verify clinical documents via the in-built internet browser – no client application is required. Authors are verified by their usual WinVoicePro user ID and password and once successfully logged in are presented with a view of their most recent/urgent documents that are awaiting verification. Through the mobile application, users can: edit the content of the letter, return the letter (along with a typed instruction for additional amendments), and verify the document (to authorise for printing and delivery).

When an author verifies a document, it then follows the exact same processes as in the desktop application, i.e. the document is forwarded to the secretarial team for dispatch (electronic, traditional or otherwise) and is also uploaded into all other integrations included as part of the WVP installation.

Full Benefits

  • Enables mobile workers to review, amend and verify their WinVoicePro letters whilst still in the community.
  • Speeds up the turnaround time of letters produced in WinVoicePro.
  • No desktop computer access required.
  • No installation required.
  • Can be used from anywhere the user has access to the organisation’s secure network.
  • Limits the need for additional secretarial interaction.
  • Ensures urgent documents get to where they are needed without delay.
  • Connects to all of the same delivery services as WinVoicePro.
  • Enhances the investments made in mobile hardware.

Upgrade Prerequisites

WinVoicePro Mobile requires a full WinVoicePro on-site installation within the organisation.