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WinVoicePro: Speech Enabled provides an extension to the ‘New Job’ function of WinVoicePro, enabling an author to create a WVP letter from start to finish – without secretarial support – using Speech Recognition. For consultants who are currently self-typing their own letters, speech recognition could save substantial amounts of time and effort.

Who is it for?

WinVoicePro: Speech Enabled is for clinicians who do not have full or part-time access to secretarial staff and would like to be able to create their own clinical letters quickly and efficiently.

The standard installation of WinVoicePro is built around the concept that there is an author who dictates a letter and a secretary who transcribes it. When an author doesn’t have access to a secretary, or requires an urgent letter to be typed and sent out-of-hours or over a weekend, the standard workflow of WVP will not accommodate it.


WinVoicePro: Speech Enabled extends the functionality of the ‘New Job’ button by adding a ‘New SR Job’ (speech recognition) button.

The ‘New SR Job’ button embraces the full functionality of WVP; allowing any user to search for patient details and add recipients to their letter. Verified letters can then be used throughout the rest of the WinVoicePro workflow including document stores and electronic delivery mechanisms.

The integration of speech recognition to WinVoicePro includes the ability for an author to use their voice to create the entire body of the letter. SpeechMagic has been integrated into a special speech recognition window of WVP – allowing the user to dictate the body of the letter and see it appear on the screen through the use of a SpeechMike.

Further features include the ability to create ‘auto-text layouts’ which can be inserted into the letter using a voice command, e.g. “Insert SBAR”. By using auto-text commands, an author can avoid repeating regularly used phrases, sentences, and paragraphs which will dramatically increase their productivity.

Upgrade Prerequisites

Installation sites must have an existing installation of Voice Technologies’ WinVoicePro.