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SCI-Diabetes is the national system used across NHS Scotland to track the treatment of diabetic patients. Clinical information, measurements and data recorded in SCI-Diabetes is made available and shared with all other diabetes care professionals across Scotland – ensuring a consistent level of care for all patients, no matter in which of Scotland’s centres of care they are present.

Currently, NHS professionals working with diabetic patients manually retrieve and store patient data in the SCI-Diabetes system for the benefit of other clinicians who provide care to that patient. When the need arises to share the patient information and treatment courses with professionals in other departments (who do not have access to SCI-Diabetes) there is no designated workflow and an unavoidable duplication of effort with multiple systems and paper copies is likely. Voice Technologies’ integrated solution ensures both platforms (SCI-Diabetes and WinVoicePro) contain identical information – reducing and eliminating duplicate processes.

Who is it for?

WinVoicePro was developed in full collaboration with the NHS and the software continues to be advanced through feature requests that come from our NHS customers. This makes WinVoicePro perfectly suited to save all NHS Boards and Trusts across the United Kingdom time and money.

WinVoicePro SCI-Diabetes has been specially created for NHS Scotland to wholly remove the duplication of manual processes when handling diabetic patient data and therefore save time for NHS Scotland professionals.


When called upon, WinVoicePro reads an up-to-date record from the SCI-Diabetes database (including clinical info, measurements, diagnoses, and history) and uses it as required to help build a document for the user. Completed documents can then be verified and stored as normal within EPR, Document Management or Portal systems – making their content available to other health professionals, who may or may not have access to SCI-Diabetes.

To keep SCI-Diabetes up-to-date, WinVoicePro will also send back information when a letter or document is created regarding a specific patient. Uploads are made available in the form of clinical comments, providing data to populate SCI Diabetes, keeping both systems up-to-date and accurate. These documents are also uploaded to the patient’s EMR (electronic medical record) and are available to view by anyone authorised to access the patient’s medical history.

With both SCI-Diabetes and WinVoicePro mirroring each other’s data – users are free to use whichever system they feel most comfortable with, confident in the knowledge that all information will be available to the next medical professional that needs it and that no extra effort will be required on their part.

Upgrade Prerequisites

The SCI-Diabetes integration requires an existing installation of WinVoicePro. the solution is currently only available to WinVoicePro customers in Scotland. Integration is, however, built on a standard process which could be adopted for other NHS systems.