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MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) was developed in partnership between EMIS and INPS. Their solution bridges the electronic gap between an NHS Hospital Trust and its affiliated GP surgeries; allowing electronic records to be formally transferred between the sites securely with traceability and accountability for a full audit trail.

With WinVoicePro: MIG Integration, clinical correspondence created in WinVoicePro can be sent electronically by pulling in recipient data from the MIG platform, thus removing the need for paper copies of documents to be manually printed, verified and posted.

Who is it for?

WinVoicePro: MIG Integration was developed for NHS Trusts that require a solution to remove labour-intensive postal mailing, destination scanning/printing and the subsequent shredding of sensitive patient data between hospitals and GP clinics. Our solution also eradicates the duplication of other clerical processes whilst eliminating the chance of missing or delayed paperwork.

The Process

The key to the success of this electronic distribution system is to understand the process:

Distribution within WinVoicePro can be document-based or recipient-based. MIG has a recipient-based distribution within WinVoicePro, which means that a document can be created with multiple GP Recipients (even in different practices). If a recipient GP’s practice is enabled and authorised to receive documents via MIG – the document will dispatch electronically.

If the GP is not enabled and authorised to receive documents via MIG, then the secretarial team members will be notified to print and post a copy of the document. If the MIG dispatch fails (due to technical reasons or otherwise), the secretary is made aware and can print and post the letter manually.


The result of WinVoicePro: MIG Integration has ensured a completely managed hospital-to-practice document processing solution for several of our existing customers. The solution has already brought tangible cost and administrative benefits.

Voice Technologies have formalised and documented the development of this process and have made the solution available to other NHS trusts and boards across the United Kingdom.

Upgrade Prerequisites

New WinVoicePro: MIG Integration sites require an existing WinVoicePro installation before implementation.