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WinVoicePro Dentist and Optometrist Dispatch is an enhancement to extend WinVoicePro’s existing capabilities of electronic delivery. By automatically keeping up-to-date with ISD files (the national dentist and optometrist lists for Scotland), WinVoicePro can look up a patient’s referring consultant and electronically deliver a document to that practice’s clinical mailbox as an alternative to traditional print and post methods.

Based upon the average printing and postage cost of £0.63 a letter, Dentist and Optometrist Dispatch gives NHS Boards the ability to make significant financial savings through print, postage and time spent preparing hard-copy letters. In addition, Dentist and Optometrist Dispatch removes the process of manual digitisation at the receiving practice, where hard-copy documents are received and then scanned into an electronic system.

Who is it for?

WinVoicePro Dentist and Optometrist Dispatch is made for, and available to, the entire NHS Scotland. The solution is particularly fitting for clinicians who are regularly making and receiving patient referrals to dentists and/or optometrists.


The Dentist and Optometrist Dispatch process is, like other dispatch methods in WinVoicePro, completely automatic. Once a clinical document is verified by a consultant, a .PDF copy is immediately sent to the associated Dentist or Optometrist’s practice – without secretarial intervention. This is done using the NHS’s ‘’ e-mail framework which adheres to standard practices and satisfies the security policies of the NHS.

The interface also provides Health Boards with full control over the management of Dentist, Optometrist and General Practitioner lists, to ensure that they can be updated regularly and easily. This update is performed centrally so that the consultants and secretaries who use the system can be assured that the names and addresses provided are accurate.

Existing WinVoicePro users will require no additional training as the process for Dentist and Optometrist Dispatch follows the same workflow procedures that they are used to.

Full Benefits

  • Available for the entire NHS Scotland (where WinVoicePro is installed)
  • Automatically keeps up to date based on ISD files
  • Saves money and time for NHS Boards and individual practices
  • A completely automated dispatch process

Upgrade Prerequisites

  • Customers will need an existing install of Voice Technologies’ WinVoicePro 2.4.
  • This specific solution is only available to NHS Scotland as other NHS groups do not currently have a comparable list of Dentists or Optometrists. However, this integration follows a standard process that could be expanded to include other professional bodies and communication channels should there be a requirement.