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Version 2.4 is an incremental upgrade to WinVoicePro that brings two new features (Omni-Search and Default Recipient) and facilitates the integration of wider electronic sending, entirely developed in-house by Voice Technologies. Version 2.4 is available as an upgrade to existing WinVoicePro customers or can be requested as a ‘straight-to-version’ install for new customers.


Wider Electronic Sending

In WinVoicePro 2.4, we have reconstructed several features to ensure that the software is as compatible with as many NHS interfaces as possible. As an example of the software’s capability; we can now implement electronic sending for Dentist, Optometrists and Diabetes professionals in Scotland paving the way for similar integrations in the NHS across the United Kingdom.


Omni-search gives users the ability to easily search for, and add, new recipients to a letter and is available on both the author and secretarial sides. The concept, which has been recently adopted by multiple other technology/software firms, enables a user to begin searching in a catch-all search box and displays results as the user types. This means that WinVoicePro can begin to predict your search result before you complete it in order to save you time.

Instead of multiple search fields (as in previous versions of WVP) users will now be presented with just one. A user can type any details they have (including forename, surname, address, GP number, etc.), in any order, into the search field. After a minimum of 3 characters are typed, WinVoicePro will begin to return the most likely results. The user can continue to type more details to further filter the results or choose from the presented list.

This feature removes the need to search in 2 contact lists (formerly GP Contact and Non GP Contact or National Contacts and Local Contacts). Formerly, new users were confused by the need for 2 lists and would often make the mistake of searching for a GP in the Non GP or Local contacts list. When a contact was not found, users would create a new contact who would be ineligible to benefit from receiving letters electronically. It is expected that Omni-Search will remove the confusion that arises from having two separate contact lists within WinVoicePro.

Default Recipient

Previous versions of WVP have always listed the patient’s registered GP as the first recipient of a new letter (depending on what information is registered in the connected patient administration system). If a patient was referred to the hospital by a different GP, then the secretary would have to manually add them the recipient list. WinVoicePro 2.4 will first check to see if the clinic in question has a referring GP logged in the patient administration system. If so, this will be used as the default recipient. If not, then the registered GP will be used as the default recipient – as before.

This new feature will save secretaries time when creating new letters as they will not have to manually check and see who should be sent a copy of a letter and then manually adding the referring GP to the list.

The Full Benefits

  • Reduced document turnaround time
  • Higher accuracy levels
  • Enables flexible inter-department working
  • Ensures simpler document generation with editing and review functions
  • Facilitates electronic distribution of documents
  • Adheres to strict patient security with encryption
  • Provides massive administrative cost savings
  • Saves thousands of clinical hours
  • Allows for internal work flexibility
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing applications
  • Tried and tested by NHS Trusts & Boards
  • Available on national frameworks