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What is it?

The Patient Portal and Outsourced Printing Interface is an add-on for WinVoicePro that enables NHS Boards and Trusts to integrate document production via WinVoicePro with their patient portal and outsourced printing solution.

Patient Portals are being rolled out across the United Kingdom to provide the public with a way to access their clinical correspondence electronically. Outsourced printing facilities are being introduced to manage the patients who cannot or do not want to access their clinical documentation electronically and to reduce the costs associated with multiple printing devices.

The POPI add on for WinVoicePro automatically marks the distribution of clinical correspondence to patients as an [O] – for Patient Portal and Outsourced Printing, instead of a [P] – for internal printing and mailing, ensuring that patients get the opportunity receive their correspondence electronically rather than via the post.

Who is it for?

WinVoicePro was developed in full collaboration with the NHS and the software continues to be advanced through feature requests that come from our NHS customers. This makes WinVoicePro perfectly suited to save all NHS Boards and Trusts across the United Kingdom time and money.

The WinVoicePro Patient Portal and Outsourced Printing Interface is designed for use by any NHS organisation that has a requirement for the integration of WinVoicePro and an external patient portal, an outsourced printing facility or both.


The WinVoicePro POPI add on introduces a new distribution type [O] within the WinVoicePro document distribution workflow. This selects the Patient Portal or Outsourced Print function for distribution to a patient. When [O] is selected, WinVoicePro converts the current document to PDF and readies it for distribution to the patient electronically or via the outsourced print facility.

From this point onwards workflow will follow an agreed process with the outsourced printing and patient portal provider(s):

If a patient is registered to receive documents electronically to the Trust or Board’s patient portal, then the document will be distributed to the portal, ready for the patient to login and download the document. In certain cases (depending on the Trust or Board) the patient will receive an electronic notification – via email or text message – that they have a document waiting to be downloaded. If a patient does not view/download the document within a set number of days, or the patient is not registered to receive documents electronically, the document will be queued to the Board/Trust’s outsourced printing facility and the patient will receive a paper copy. Patients will also receive periodic reminders to register on the portal as part of this process.

If, for any reason, a document distribution fails to send to the patient portal or outsourced printing facility then distribution will be marked as incomplete (red) and queued for a local printer. This ensures that there is a fall back method of secretarial distribution, should the Trust/Board’s patient portal or outsourced printing facility be unavailable.

Full Benefits

  • Substantial savings in paper and postage
  • Significant reduction in patient document turnaround time
  • Tens of thousands of hours per year saved on secretarial resource
  • Reduced technical maintenance of printer infrastructure and printer consumable expenses due to controlled printing.

Software Upgrade Prerequisites

Patient Portal and Outsourced Printing is designed as a bolt-on to the document production software WinVoicePro and is backwards compatible with previous versions of the software.