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WinVoicePro saves NHS organisations time and money – it is a document creation and workflow management application that has been designed to work seamlessly alongside existing popular software installations to provide a complete end-to-end solution for letter, report and document creation as well as printed and electronic distribution within the NHS.

Key Benefits

Financial Savings

Confirmed to save one NHS Board £0.63 per document through a reduction in printing and distribution costs. With this board sending an average of 432,500 documents electronically per annum, the saving is over £250,000 year-on-year – not including associated staff or workflow time savings.

Time Savings

Proven to save an average of 3.7 minutes per document, per secretary for one NHS Trust – equating to a saving of 28,000 working hours every year. In addition, another NHS Trust has been able to reduce their average document turnaround from 56 days to just 1.

Who is it for?

WinVoicePro was developed in full collaboration with the NHS and the software continues to be advanced through feature requests that come from our NHS customers. This makes WinVoicePro perfectly suited to save all NHS boards and trusts across the United Kingdom time and money.

We appreciate that no two NHS organisations are the same, and that is reflected in the flexibility of WinVoicePro. The application fits to your processes, rather than forcing your organisation to reshape or replace tried and tested methods.


WinVoicePro’s flagship feature is its ability to take digital dictations from the WinScribe application and allow secretaries to turn them into clinical letters for dispatch to patients. It does this by linking directly with an organisation’s Patient Administrative System, Electronic Patient Record or Document Management System and will pull in all the necessary data for a document through a patient’s name and/or unique identifiers. With WinVoicePro, users can send documents for amendment and approval electronically – filling the costly void between digital dictation and internal paper distribution.

Dictations in WinVoicePro are delivered immediately on completion of transcription, ensuring deadlines are met and no documents are missed. In addition, dictations are linked directly with an organisation’s Patient Administrative System, Electronic Patient Record or Document Management System (aided by the use of unique patient identifiers) to capture patient details and automatically populate standard letter templates with episode details and patient demographics. This enables secretaries to complete clinical letters faster and with less error.

Created documents are sent for review (to their dictation author) electronically, both within the same site and across a network, removing internal printing and distribution costs and allowing NHS organisations to see a return on investment in only a few months. When a document is verified, WinVoicePro integrates with a variety of cloud applications for electronic dispatch to both patients and other clinicians to ensure that there is as little need for hard-copy printing and postage as possible.

Security of data is guaranteed through encryption and newly verified documents are automatically routed to the relevant part of patient records, which can only be viewed by approved personnel.