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The Langabhat Medical Practice covers four surgery sites on the Isle of Lewis in north west Scotland. The practice serves around 2,000 patients − four GPs, two nurse practitioners, two practice nurses and a health care assistant cover a large rural area.

Langabhat became the first GP practice in the UK to use WinVoicePro and Winscribe when it was installed by Voice Technologies in 2012.

The problem

Previously, clinicians would dictate their documents, which would then be typed. Typists would leave the document in the clinician’s tray for checking, signing and eventual posting. If amendments were needed, documents would be sent back to the typist.

If a clinician was working from a different practice site, it could be several days before a document was checked and signed. In effect, the practice was running four different dictation and typing systems.

The solution: WinVoicePro and Winscribe

The practice uses WinVoicePro and Winscribe to produce letters for patients and hospital clinics. The system was configured to incorporate all four surgery sites. Clinicians can record, dock and transfer their dictations from any site. These can then be typed at that or any other site, verified electronically, then printed and posted from the main practice site.

This means that clinicians can move between surgery sites and still have access to their dictation and letters for verification without the need for paper.

Langabhat Practice Manager Helen Mackenzie said, “Electronic verification was one of the driving forces behind our decision to purchase this system. We also now have the ability to merge all our dictating and typing into one complete system instead of four different ones.”

Looking to the future

The practice recently took over another neighbouring practice, which has two separate surgery sites. Once IT connections have been established between the practices, they will be able to extend the current system to include these extra sites.

The system is also used by NHS Western Isles. Depending on IT developments at the health board, the practice may in future be able to send and receive letters from the local hospital electronically.

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